Wine Storage

Wine Lyrics provides its customers with a range of first-class wine storage services. Depending on clients’ request, we offer our customers a fine wine storage service in France and Hong Kong. Whether kept at our warehouse in France or in Hong Kong, the wine in our care is stored in wine professional facilities.



Our France office has their wine warehouse managed by wine professional warehouse in Bordeaux. Our storage professional specialises in the settlement, handling, storage and distribution of fine wine. A market leader, its reputation precedes it. Enormous care is taken when undertaking checks, handling stock, and recording wine condition and content. Assigned a Unique Lot Number, each case is digitally tracked, its ownership and traceability assured. Further services include condition checks, high-resolution photography (at an additional cost) and instant transfers. All fine wines are insured at full replacement value.


Hong Kong

Approved and regulated by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, our storage facility at in Hong Kong shares the same level of security and care as our France-based facility. 24-hour security, CCTV, an infra-red alarm system, security coded lock systems and strict standards checks by HKQAA inspectors ensure that our customers’ wines are in a very safe and expert pair of hands. Customer collections and investment portfolios are stored in Wine Lyrics’ private account. All fine wines are insured at full replacement value.